[FEATURE REQUEST] Maker API toggle in devices

Would it be possible to add a toggle in devices to add it to Maker API similar to the hub mesh toggle? It would be nice to not have to also go to the maker API app to add each device, and just be able to it and add it all at once.

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No. Because it is possible to have multiple instances of MakerAPI running for different purposes. For instance, someone might wish to expose Devices A, B, C, and D to one instance of MakerAPI, but only Device B to a different instance.

The schema you are proposing would make that impossible.


As @aaiyar described, the difference between Maker API and Hub Mesh is that Hub Mesh, although possibly treated behind the scenes as an App, is a constant in the HE setup, with only one instance and so can be referenced with the toggle like it is.

The best option I could come up with would be to have the toggle like you describe and to nominate a default Maker API instance, to try and accommodate what @aaiyar described, which I in fact have in my setup (multiple Maker API instances).

That said, with installations of the Maker API App able to be installed and removed as you wish, unlike Hub Mesh, maintaining a "default" like I proposed could become problematic to maintain in all situations, e.g. what happens if you remove the default instance....?

Who knows, maybe there is something in this that could be used....

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I'm curious as to what purpose. The only thing i can think of is for multiple hubs.

I do use multiple instances of MakerApi. One for my flic hub and another for HomeHabit

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I use one for devices I send data to InfluxDB / Grafana, another for devices I want to make available for interacting with from external systems and processes, like sending battery readings, etc. The list of devices for these may not always overlap.

I use two for @jpage4500 Dashboard App, one super basic one for everyone in the household to use on their phones (locks, doors, weather, widgets) and another more comprehensive one for me to play with stuff.

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External apps tend to each use their own instance. My Mira project uses it's own, as you configure which devices you want to include this way.

Feels like we need to move on to some kind of solution, if we can....

I get the impression there are some things people would like to "automate" when administering devices in the platform, whether it be adding to Maker API or to Dashboards. I don't have a solution.... Just an observation...

This has been an interesting topic. I knew it was possible to have multiple instances, but never saw the reason. I only have one, and it's used for hubivue and Hubitat Dashboard app. I really dont know what other reasons to uses it, so seeing different ideas is interesting. Keep them coming!


A drop-down with check boxes?


You mean like what you get right now when you launch a new instance of MakerAPI?

From a practical perspective, the existing schema requires editing of a list of devices in a single location. Much easier that clicking checkboxes on 100+ device pages.

It’s the same reason that the Alexa skill device list and Google home list are centralized.

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You must admit though, the toggle for Hub Mesh is convenient when adding a single device to HE, you don't need to go into the Hub Mesh setup to add it to the shared devices. Admittedly, due to the nature of Hub Mesh, you need to complete the setup at the other end, that may not always be the case for Maker API.

Obviously an initial bulk setup would be different.

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Maybe it’s me. But I prefer going to a centralized setup.

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And I think many would want to see both remain, in the same way that Hub Mesh can be managed in both ways, toggling an individual device on it's Device page, along with the centralized Hub Mesh settings page. Both variations have their advantages.

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I do like that as well, but I would also like the ability to do it all at once when I initially add a device, rather than having to take a second step to ad it into a separate app. I guess I want my cake and eat it too!

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No, when you add a new device, just like Hub Mesh, you can check off any Maker API instances. Obviously when setting up initially you would do it from within Maker API. Honestly doesn't make much difference to me though.

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