[Feature Request] Maker API - Optional Source Parameter

I was reading the troubles one user was having identifying the source of a call to a now uninstalled app and, while this won't solve that problem, I thought it may help in a slightly different situation...


It would be good to have an optional parameter in all Maker API calls, called "source", that the calling system could add to indicate the system that is calling Maker API. That way, if there are any errors in processing the call to Maker API, such as a device no longer existing, etc, some more context could be provided in the error that is logged, so you know where to go and either adjust or remove the call.

As an example, if I setup a call from a Tasker task on my phone to adjust a switch, I might add to the end of the URL "&source=Mobile_Tasker_SET-ALARM". If I saw an error in the HE logs referencing "Mobile_Tasker_SET-ALARM", that would tell me to look on my mobile phone in Tasker for a Set Alarm task.

I haven't technically had a need for this myself yet, but I'm sure when something does break, it would be good to have this information.



I'm doing something similar with virtual devices. I have a virtual device named with the name of the automation that turns on/off along with the regular device. I log all events to a MySQL database (node-red) so I can find a particular activity. I follow a naming convention (Virtual XYZ) that helps since all my automations are in node-red and the naming helps ID what triggered and when.

Not ideal but it works.. :man_shrugging:t2: