Feature Request - Luminosity value back to HE

I'm redoing my Lux sensitivity - adding both indoor, outdoor and web Lux values - While I am aware there are inconsistencies between Mobile devices, all of them use Lux for auto-display brightness control - so the lux value is being monitored -but it is not reported in the app.

I've probably totally misread what you are after here, (or to many festive spirits, hic!) but are you expecting your mobile phone to report a lux value through the HE app?

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Could you clarify what you're asking for? Do you want Hubitat to use mobile devices to report ambient lux?

@bobbles - Glad I'm in good company!

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It’s an interesting request, I suppose.

Most use cases for a lux sensor I can think of would generally assume the lux sensor is stationary, so any changes in the reported value are presumably due to an actual change in the amount of light entering the room.

How would one make use of the lux values for a phone that moves around from room to room, gets put in a pocket or turned upside down onto a table, etc?


hey all - sorry. to many festive spirits.... :slight_smile:
Keep in mind different people have different environments - In my case I'm home 90% of the time, and my phone sits on the charger. The lux value of the phone would be accurate in nearly all cases when tied to Presence=yes (or mode = present etc.). Since the phone actually is already generating Lux monitoring for it's own use, and likely all mobile phones have lux, it just seems logical the HE app for the phone would return the lux value. In the world of drivers, there is always someone who finds a useful need!
A moment ago I was speaking with a guest and he said he wishes the lights in his cabin at the lake tied via his phone being present and the lux value for morning fishing would save him from buying another sensor...

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If you are on android pretty sure you can use tasker to do this. I believe there are quite a few posts here which should be able to guide you, while I use tasker all the time, I don't have a need to communicate with HE.

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First, I'm pretty sure most phones will turn the ambient light sensor off in this situation. Usually it turns off when the screen is off.

Second, you didn't mention what phone you have, but iOS does not expose the value of the lux sensor to apps. So while the hardware is there, at least on iOS, there is no way for the app to read the data.

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