[Feature Request] Link to Logs for Apps (not just Devices)

If this has been asked/answered/addressed previously – or is anathematic to the HE aesthetic – please remove topic, but I tried hunting up earlier mentions to no avail. It's about quickly accessing Logs directly from Apps.

Namely, I would find it helpful if we could link directly to the relevant Log entries for a particular APP, as we currently can for DEVICES. To illustrate what/where I mean, here's a look at the upper portion of a Device's status page, with the "Logs" button underlined:

Whereas, the closest you can come to this shortcut in Apps is their "Events" button (which doesn't open Log). There is no "Logs" button:

Meanwhile, if you go hunting for that particular App (in this case, it's an instance of Room Lighting called "All Lights"), the Filter will get you close to sifting through multiple matches (as shown below), but unless you memorized the App Id#, this can take a moment or two:

...because some are Devices, and others are Apps, which may share the same name. (You cannot currently sort by Parent Apps like "Rule Machine" or "Room Lighting" though some - like "WebCoRE" - do present in the word cloud).

tl;dr Could Apps get a "Logs" shortcut like Devices have?


+1 on this request


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