[FEATURE REQUEST] LED Status notifying of firmware update


I was wondering if it would be possible to use the existing Green LED to blink notifying when a HUB firmware update(s) is available?

To extend upon this, a drop-down selection in the settings for the following options would be great -
User-selected options

  1. Blink LED status light when a firmware update is available
  2. Turn off LED light status
  3. Turn on LED light status (but no firmware notification)
  4. Turn off LED light status except when a firmware update is available or device fault

I'm sure your option wording would much better than mine

What do you think, is this doable, please?


Last I heard the LED wasn’t addressable in that way.

If you are mostly just wanting notification that a firmware upgrade is available, then @thebearmay has a solution for you that perhaps he was too modest to suggest. With it you should be able to have a rule to flash any other light, or send notification, when an upgrade is available.

[RELEASE] Hub Information Driver - Developers - Hubitat


I would think a flashing LED on the hub, even if that were possible, would be a far less user friendly way to communicate the info.


Oh, we could do motherboard beep codes with the light. Blinking 12 is memory, 4 blinks s CPU, and so on. Not even kidding, I think that would be cool. But alas, I don't think the light is capable of that.