[FEATURE REQUEST] Initiate / Trigger Off in Room Lighting

Every chance I or someone else has requested this already, so happy for that to be pointed out...

The Situation: I have is a "Relax" mode that I like to enable late in the evening, where the lights are dimmed and certain rooms have their motion-based lighting disabled, turning the lights on at a dimmed level all the time, like my Hallway and Bathroom.

The Problem / Opportunity: When I transition to "Night" mode from "Relax" I would like to trigger the same event as a motion device / zone turning off, resulting in a countdown configured in the RL App. I don't want to turn off the lights for the rare guest I may have in the Bathroom while I transition to a different mode. offering them the opportunity to trigger motion after the mode change.

Could this be possible?

Sounds like a candidate for an RM rule with a Required Expression of mode is Relax, and trigger of mode becomes Night. Then, it would set a Boolean variable to true. That variable could be a Means to Turn Off in RL.

I don't understand how this relates to the first part of what you need.

Because rather than turning off the lights when going from Relax node to Night, I only want to

So when transitioning to Night mode I want, let's say, a 3 minute delay before the lights turn off, which can be interrupted by any of the Means to Activate the RL setup. So if someone walked into the Bathroom within that 3 minutes, that delay to turn off the lights would be cancelled. Any manual adjustment of the lights with any button devices configured in RL to Activate the lights would have the same effect of cancelling the delay.

Sorry, you've lost me.

I have the house in Relax Mode with the lights on in the Bathroom. When I transition to Night Mode I want to have the lights turn off after 3 minutes unless they are Activated, so motion is detected or a button is pressed that controls the lights.

Sorry, but it's totally beyond my comprehension what you think this feature would entail. We certainly aren't going for complex new features for Room Lights at this point. By complex I mean anything that entails adding special case conditions.

That's fair enough. The more I think about it I can see it's not a simple change, and there are definitely ways I can achieve it with RM and other Apps.

Actually, I'm expecting this will do what I need, without any need to change RL.

I created a Virtual Motion Sensor with an automatic timeout of 5 seconds. I added this to the Bathroom Zone Motion configuration and setup a rule like you suggested earlier. This should activate motion temporarily, then the lights turn off after the delay configured in RL.

If it's any more interesting to you, @bravenel, I also want this sort of thing. Mentioned in the second paragraph of this thread, and Simon pointed me here.

I've thought of numerous times where I want to disable something from turning off sometimes, but want to re-evaluate when that disabling thing is no longer an issue. In the thread above, that's a virtual switch controlled via Alexa with my voice, but in another example I've long wanted, when Dimmer dining is turned off, I want the (lack of) motion on Iris motion 1 to be re-evaluated and trigger the kitchen lights to be turned off. (see screenshot below for Basic Rule)

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