Feature Request - HSM Alert - HTTP Request and/or IFTTT Trigger

Was wondering if it would be possible, and not terribly difficult, to add an HTTP request from HSM as a notification. I know we can use a virtual HTTP switch type device to send a request but that doesn't allow us to pass the device info that's available in a notification directly from HSM. Just an idea and not a terribly important or needed one but I think it would be a nice feature none the less.

Along those same lines, having the HSM alerts exposed as a trigger in the IFTTT integration would be really cool. I see that motion and water are there. Having the alert as a trigger would allow for easier integration with other systems. Again, just a thought and I'm sure there are more complexities with this one than anything solely within HE. Just seemed like something that would be nice to have.

It’s not native but you can send IFTTT notifications from HSM now by using this driver. To add a device name use %device%.

That's true. But that's a back-door method and requires a custom driver. And that's just the notification. I'm talking about the actual alert being exposed to IFTTT like the other triggers. Just like a door opening or motion detection are exposed to IFTTT now.

You should be able to do this with using rule machine and it's httpGet send feature off a trigger of hsm

But the device information (ie device that triggered the intrusion and its state) won't be passed to the rule in Rule Machine, will it?

You are right. I will look into your requests.

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Thanks a bunch. Like I said, no urgency. Just throw it in the hopper. Thanks!