Feature Request: Hide values of variables and conditions

IMHO rules can sometimes confusing to read because of too much :point_left: information, e.g.:

I understand, that this view is sometimes useful while debugging.

But while programming I would prefer something like this:

=> No condition values.
=> No 'Variable' indicators.
=> No variable contents.
=> But strings surrounded by apostrophes also in conditions.

Perfect would be to have an option to switch between Debug- and Edit-View... :wink:


Any news?



You're first post was detailed and illustrated your suggestion well. Modifying the Rule Machine App to have multiple different views of a rule (Debug and Edit View) would, in all likely hood, be a time consuming task. I would much rather see HE staff use the limited amount of time they have to work on other issues with the platform.

Furthermore, the only time I would look at an existing rule is for the purposes of debugging. Once the rule is written and working, what's the point of looking at it? Therefore, your suggestion would only apply to when the rule is being written or modified. At this point it is nice to have all the information being displayed, it helps me to ensure the rule is created the way I want the first time.

I don't think many users would care one way or another if this suggestion was implemented. As such, I would be surprised if staff devote any time to it and it also wouldn't surprise me if they don't even devote anytime contributing to this thread.

I don't think it is a bad suggestion, options are almost always a good thing. I just don't think it would be very high on the priority list.


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I see your 'Space Invaders' and raise you 'Zaxxon'.

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Wow, the first one is looking great! :blush: