Feature Request - Easier Access To Past Logs

I'm wondering whether it would be possible to make access to past logs a bit easier. Usually if I've an issue I'll need the past logs to see what's gone on with a rule/device.

When clicking on Logs > Past Logs only some of my devices show initially. I guess this is due to Hubitat loading a portion of the past logs in reverse chronological order. If the device(s)/rule(s) I'm trying to look at is/are not shown in the first batch, I need to click the "show more" button repeatedly at the bottom of the page until I see the device(s)/rule(s) appear at the top. The issue is that I've got to either scroll through "All" to access that button, scroll down again to find the button again. My workaround at the moment is to first click one of the initially available devices that only has a few events. That makes the "show more" button more readily accessible.

If a second, duplicate "show more" button could be added at the top of the page at least I could click that repeatedly until the device(s)/rule(s) I'm looking for appear - much quicker.

I realise that I can get information from the specific device events, but if I'm trying to work out what went wrong with something I may need to look at the logs for several devices and rules - switching between them to piece the puzzle together.

A second "show more" button should be an easy fix. What would be far more useful (and far more difficult to implement) would be the ability to show a filtered past log - where you would put a tick in the corresponding box for each device and rule that you wanted to show. The ability to see the logs for a rule and the corresponding devices used, and have just those items shown in the resulting page would be very helpful.


This is a good idea!


Thanks! Usually when I ask for something on here, it's either completely impractical or already available and I've just not seen it!

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Personally I would like to enter a date/time and see logs X mins either side, where I can also set X.

Probably work knowing how far back logs are kept.... I don't know this myself....

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Fairly confident that retention (and initial display) is based on volume, not time. So a hub that is logging very little would be able to see older logs than a hub the is logging a lot


But I understand that @lewis.heidrick is working on a 10 TB external drive mod to provide more storage.


I think the most you could get it up to would be 256Gb.

Here's the storage used on the hub:

And here's the largest storage I think is compatible:


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