Feature Request: Delete Multiple Devices Option

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Not really sure if this is possible to implement at some point down the road. There's already an option to disable devices with a checkbox to select multiple devices but would like to see something similar to that to delete multiple devices too. This could also be done on the Apps page too but I think it'll be more useful on the Devices page.

I do realize the problem with this is excluding devices if Z-Wave, maybe this could only be an option with virtual devices, LAN devices and Zigbee only.

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I second this request. Spent hours deleting devices with hublink/hubconnect before.

If these are child devices of HubConnect, removing HubConnect parent would remove all of its child devices. If that's too extreme, then a feature request for HubConnect to remove multiple child devices would be the way to go. Same is true for HubLink, that removing the app removes the child devices. It's a much easier / shorter development effort to have an app remove multiple child devices that it creates than it is for us to add this feature at the hub level.

Unless it's recent. Removing hublink does not remove the device from the hublink client. Or am I wrong and miss a step?

Each parent app, when it is removed, should remove its child devices. With HubLink there are two apps, each with its own child devices.

I have never seen devices automatically remove when a parent app is deleted. Is this behavior supposed to be automatic? After deleting many apps in the past and recently even built in apps like Hublink, I have never seen the child devices automatically delete. HubConnect could be one of the bigger apps where this is more relevant for but any app with child devices associated would be applicable.

This isn't an urgent type of thing, I was hoping this would be something that could be added someday especially if there's any GUI updates again on the Hub.

If deleting an app is supposed to delete child apps, could that be a bug with that logic not working?

Each app has to do it. Our built-in apps all do this. I will do some testing, but as far as I know, our apps do delete child devices they create. However, if a child device is still in use by some other app, then it can't be deleted automatically. Can't speak for Hub Connect. It's a simple thing for an app to do.

They are deleted even if in use by another app.

Would it be complicated to implement deletion of multiple select elements, especially when these are not attached to a physical device (zwave or zigbee) but only virtual devices created, for instance, by hubMesh? I find it tidious to delete dozens of devices after migrating or turning off mesh for any reason when needed.

Also, it'd be great to have a feature to select all check boxes at once. When running tests, being able to disable all apps or devices at once can come in handy.

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