FEATURE REQUEST: Delay intrusion Armed-Away alerts for ANY HSM SENSOR

I have setup many traditional style alarm systems in my day. All of them have the ability to set which sensors, whether it be a contact sensor, motion sensor, sounds sensors, etc. are used in a delay (exit and entry) when the system is arming or in a delayed countdown to the away intrusion event (alarm). Right now, we are able to select contact senors only, it would be extremely helpful to mirror the functionality of a traditional alarm system panel but allowing HE users to select ANY sensor that can be used by HSM as a delayed intrusion device.

I will give you a fantastic example of the issue I have with this lack of feature. I have an Iris V3 keypad that has a motion sensor in it. I used that motion sensor to detect motion when the system is ARMED AWAY. When I enter in my garage, my delay starts so I can go disarm the system via the keypad, BUT the keypad sees motion when I go to disarm it and the alarm goes off. This also happens If I enter another delay intrusioned door but the motion sensor in that room sees action and sets off the alarm ASAP before I can get to the panel.

Love you guys.