[Feature Request] Dashboard date/time AND event history using hub local time

When traveling recently I was using a dashboard on a mobile device to check up on automation tasks at home. Some actions need to happen at the specified time and are critical, e.g. all of our chickens will die if the coop door does not close at night (shortly after sunset). Other examples abound.

I had been dealing with an outdoor plug that suffered from poor connectivity or was buggy (EVAlogik). I put a date/time tile on the dashboard with these devices so I could reference the time back home easily. Unfortunately, the date/time tile AND the event history adjusted to whatever time zone I was in. It was super annoying to verify things happening on time, and then if I moved another time zone I couldn't even reference the previous night's times. Very annoying.

The important time for a date/time tile is the time zone of the hub. I see there is a user written code for a time tile that can be locked on a certain time zone...but then it wouldn't match the event history -- one of those examples where half a solution is worse than none at all!

My request is for an option to lock both event date/time and dashboard date/time to local hub time. This could be in the options for each dashboard, or globally. I think it makes a lot of sense. Hopefully it isn't too difficult to achieve.

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I'd like this feature also.