Feature Request - Dashboard Battery Tile

I would like to request a feature addition to the Battery tiles in the Dashboard.

The default is a green background. I just got a notification of a device that is at 30% and the background color is the default blackish-gray.

Could we get it to where we can create thresholds of battery level to display the color based on that threshold? For example, 70-100% = green; 50-70% = yellow; and anything below 50% = red.

I say green, red, yellow, maybe whatever someone wants to use. This would give a visible representation of battery levels. as info, I have a Battery Level dashboard and displays all of my battery devices and their levels. If i could glance over the dashboard and see red, I would know fairly quickly, I need a battery replaced.



great idea!

Tagging @patrick so this thread does not get lost in the fray.

I thought I'd read somewhere that they already do this, but from what you say apparently not. I have a whole dashboard page of batteries but they are all green as the lowest value is 88%.

If they don't already do this, it's a great idea!

Well if it does, I cannot find it. Yesterday, I got a pushover notification (custom rule) where one of my battery devices was at 30%. When I went to the dashboard, the background color was the default grey or blackish color and not green.

So apparently there is some logic there to change that color, but I don't know what the threshold is or if is just a glitch. Hence I thought the request may be beneficial.


Old thread, nothing changed? :thinking:

Very good idea! :+1:

May I suggest to have 5 different background colors (one for each battery state)?
There must be some kind of such logic already implemented to show the 5 different battery symbols (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%).

Already available using Smartly I recall. Search is your friend :wink:

OK, now knowing that something like "Smartly" exists, I have found it:

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