Feature Request: Auto Cancel HSM Alert upon trigger

I propose adding the option to auto cancel an alert thrown by a custom HSM Rule. Use case, I have a custom HSM rule that throws an alert if one of two doors is left open for longer than 5 minutes:

The purpose of the alert, of course, is so that someone knows to close a door left open. If after the alert is thrown the doors are closed, the alert should go away - there's no longer a need to close the door. The HSM Custom Rule page should have an option to specify triggers for canceling the alert.

As it stands now, I don't know of a way to auto cancel the HSM alert based on a specified trigger. This is because I can't figure out a way to detect in RM when a certain HSM custom Rule triggers an alert. I'm sure I could put RM rules together to do this outside of HSM, but that's the case for much of HSM functionality - it seems this belongs in HSM.

Hi I belabe, it will be realy usefull. I hope it will be implemented.