Feature Request - App Error Highlighting

I had a notification set up that told me when the Garage temperature sensor dropped below 5C in order that I take some precautions to prevent a pipe burst should there by any further drop in temperature. This worked well until recently, but yesterday when the outside temperature dropped considerably, I checked the garage and it was below 5C and there was no notification.

On looking at the notification rule, I spotted that there must have been a change in the software as the notification app only allowed a value of 1-59 minutes period, the value inserted was 300 (in red so clearly an error). I have now chased this back to release 2.2.1.

To prevent this type of error in the future would it be possible to get a flag next to an App when there is an incorrect value set?

Something like the HPM App that notifies you when there is an update available would work well, i.e. if the software recognises that there is an incorrect value, or the app won't work, then flag that attention is required.