Feature Request - Adding variables to Rule Titles

@bravenel, would it be possible for RM to display a variable value in a rule title? I have some rules that have a value that may sometimes need to change, and I like displaying that information in the title. This would automate that process.

Ex.: Automation - Set the Dining Room Light to %minimumDimmerLevel% when turned on

where %minimumDimmerLevel% is a local variable.


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You mean like this?


Done... next release.


You are awesome!

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Looks great but could (in theory) make debugging from Logs a special challenge, in the (rare) situation that two or more Rules unexpectedly get the same name at different times of day.

%pet1% ate my %pet2%
%pet2% ate my %pet1%
when either variable could be assigned "cat" or "dog" independently.

Apps have unique AppId numbers, and these are shown in the logs. If you're worried about duplicate names, it's easy to differentiate the names rather than your example, that begs for the problem you describe.


this fix happened too fast...i think we should hold it off for v3.0.0.0 :laughing: (yet another reason i love the devs)

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