Feature Request | Add recursive view for all hub devices attributes status

Just an idea.

I was thinking that it would be a good idea, if we could get a display/parse by attributes status.
For example, on "Preference Manager", filter by all devices that have humidity and display its current value. Or another idea, on "Dashboard" add all devices that have switch attribute status and recursively add all switch devices under one tile with the device name by the side.

It would help case like mine where I have multiple temperature sensors every room to be able to glimpse all sensors statuses all at once without having to manually browse thru them.
Think of it as a summary of a single attribute, common to all devices in the hub.

Or another one could be on the "devices" page, add a view by attributes.

It sounds like you're talking about two different things here: attributes like "humidity," and preferences (the things under "Preferences" on the device page)--only the latter of which is within the scope of Preference Manager. This request is unclear to me, and I imagine it would also be unclear to staff reading it.

For Dashboard, some people have found workarounds to do what you want already. The most common methods I see are:

  1. Use an app like Tile Master or Super Tile to combine various device attributes into one virtual device, whose sole job is to provide text you can display in a single Dashboard tile (e.g., a summary of all temperatures, etc.)
  2. Use the "height" feature in Dashboard to make it look like you have multiple tiles in a single "tile"--by making "regular" tiles 2, 3, or whatever times as tall as others. So if you want a Dashboard with 5 rows, make that 10 rows instead, then make most tiles have a height of 2. For putting two temperature displays in what looks like a single tile, use a height of 1.

Finally, the "Devices" page in the mobile app and the related "Rooms" page in the admin UI are new in 2.2.7. My suspicion is that the former may let you eventually view some of these things more easily than having to manually set things up like you do with most of the above options right now (though you do still have to configure the Rooms). This feature is new, and it doesn't work that way yet--basically lets you view/control switches and whatnot. But maybe some day. :slight_smile:

Hi Bert, not sure you understand the concept of attributes current value, I am not talking about preferences but the actual attribute status of the device itself.

Object currentValue(String attributeName)
Device Object - Hubitat Documentation
In other words a recursive view all global devices filtered by same attribute value of your choice.

-Idea one:
Preference manager, make a new filter "By Attribute type" would summarize all devices by its current status value.

-Idea two:
At the device page, may be change view and sort by device attributes, that way I can order by devices attributes.

-idea three:
On dashboard, make sort of a master tile that would [] include all devices sorted by attributes only and give the ability to look at a list of all the devices that matches that attribute.

Not that difficult of a concept, but would make administering a little more pleasant.

I have written many custom apps and drivers for the platform, and I understand the concepts of events, attributes, and values. My point is that you are talking about these but (at least partly) in the context of Preference Manager, which is one way of viewing device preferences--a different concept entirely. The issue is that it's not clear how these would fit in with that app, unless you are asking for a different app (which someone could certainly write). For your second and third ideas, as I mentioned, there are existing built-in or community solutions that may get you close; further, as I mentioned, I suspect the new Rooms/Devices feature might eventually get there, too, but none of us can say that for sure. I understand more or less what you are looking for and that there is no solution that does exactly this at the moment without a bit of work on the user's part, so I was just mentioning some possibilities in the meantime.

Thanks for your point of view.

That's why is just a feature request or idea for a concept as I did not find a similar solution already baked into the current iteration.
Thanks for offering, but I am not asking for current workarounds or asking for a 3rd party to write an app, but looking towards to the betterment of the platform.

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