Feature Request: Add "Delay" and "Map" to Mirror App

I'm probably in a very small minority of Mirror App users who sometimes wish that the mirrored actions could be slightly delayed. For example, when I turn off the light (switch) over the kitchen counter, Mirror App immediately sends the same Off command to some under-counter LED lights. This means the room gets dark before I have a chance to fully exit the kitchen.

(a) Could we have a "Delay" field in Mirror that allows input of a number of seconds (0..300)? The range need not be that large, but it's a starting point of discussion.

Likewise, since destination devices (e.g. lamps) don't always employ the same wattage of bulb as source devices (e.g. room lights), Mirror – which currently sends 1:1 level commands – can easily cause a light to dim beyond its usable range. For example, while 20% may look perfectly nice on an incandescent chandelier, an LED table lamp may struggle to remain fully lit.

(b) Short of introducing a mapping "matrix" (though that might be fun to have in "Advanced" mode?), could Mirror be given a "Map" feature such that the preferred "Max" and "Min" levels for a particular destination device could be assigned?

This way, setting DevA to 100% could (in theory) raise DevB to only, say, 85%. (I happen to like running certain LED bulbs at less than their maximum power, which not only extends their lifetime but often looks better to my eyes.) And lowering DevA to 10% would set DevB to, say, a hard lower limit of 25% (practical when a given switch/bulb combo otherwise makes the bulb flicker or 'go out').

Of course, OFF (0%) means OFF (0%) and we should leave that non-negotiable IMHO.

Hope this makes sense. Is this a just-me thing? If not, thank you!

I think Rule Machine is much more appropriate to use in these examples.


I respectfully disagree, because:
(a) the typical User will not know how to implement Level scaling consistently;
(b) delayed Event handling may involve collision avoidance if timing of scheduled changes somehow overlap, something Mirror app likely avoids by design;
(c) currently, individual Devices (esp. of type Light or Dimmer) lack a Preference or Setting where Users can declare a "working range" of desired Levels;
(d) the mathematics involved in creating such a Level map is challenging.

I say this as a trained mathematician who has in fact set up such things myself (using MSR/Reactor) -- even enjoyed doing so -- but don't wish that complexity to fall on other Users' shoulders. Not when Mirror could be modified for this purpose.

But I appreciate what you're trying to say.

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