[Feature request] Ability to change/alias the display name of any tile

I use the dashboard quite extensively. One of the tricks I've learned is to stack tiles on top of one another and use background-color transparency to create interesting 'animations', colors and/or to signify the state of something or other beneath a button. The problem is, when doing so, the tiles MUST share the same name or the respective text of the 2+ tiles simply overlaps rendering the tile illegible. I've messed with template foreground color but that affects every instance of that tile type so doesn't really work.

Feature request: provide an 'alias' on a per-tile basis that overrides the natural name of the tile's parent device/variable and also permits the alias to be null.

Thanks for considering!

noted.... :wink:

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I'm not suggesting this will be a built-in feature, more a feature of a custom thing I build...

You have at it anyway you can, sir--I'll be happy either way! :wink:

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You can hide the title with CSS. Change "97" to whatever the tile number is. Pretty sure either "visibility: hidden" or "display: none" works.

#tile-97 .tile-title {
visibility: hidden;



That worked perfectly and ultimately led me to a way to alias tile names, too. :+1:

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