Feature enhancement request for Lock Code Manager builtin app


I have two feature enhancement requests. first request is to add an option to lock code manager to let a users code be active on specific weekday(s) and hours. The second request is to have an per-code notification for when that code is used.

My use case:
I have cleaners that come to my home every week, usually on thursdays but sometimes on wednesdays. I'm not always at home when they get here so i have a code that is active for them. I would like to configure my cleaners code so it is only active on wednesdays and thursdays between 9 am and 5pm. I think this would be best specified on the options page. No need to have different times on different days, i'm okay with the same time for all selected weekdays.

I would do the same for my dog walker, i would give her access between 6am and 8pm monday-sunday (sometimes when i am working long hours she goes to my home and takes the dog for spin early morning or late afternoon).

Lock code usage Notifications
I would love to have the ability to specify for each code if i am to be notified or not. Basically i want to be notified if the cleaners or the dog walker codes are used to enter the house but i don't want to be notified for any of my family members. I think it would be nice if i could set an option per user if i am to be notified about code usage.

I can configure this in the notification app but this requires the code to be present on the lock before i define the notification, which honestly i can make work. I guess i just like the idea of consolidating all lock notifications and changes in the lock manager app.

My workarounds:
I have a workaround in rule machine 4-0 for giving my cleaners access, I gave them week long access during covid so they have more time and flexibility. They do more disenfecting and take longer time during covid.

Trigger: On Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri at 09.00 AM PST
Actions: setCode(20, 0000, Cleaners) on Landry door lock
Wait for event: --> elapsed time 8:00:00
deleteCode(20) on Laundry door lock

(code is not 0000, i put it there for illustrative purposes).

This works very well. I have to take some care to make sure i don't use code entry 20 in lock code manager. But it would be nice to have all codes in a single place.

I also have a notification setup so that i get a message on my cell when this code is used.
This also works well.


Can I suggest another enhancement? Can the app be updated to update the device status "lastCodeName" when the lock is unlocked via key or from the inside, or locked via the keypad? Currently the status "lastCodeName" only updates when a someone unlocks via keypad. If they unlock via key, it still shows that user as the last to unlock. It seems to be the better use of this status variable would be to state "physical" in this scenario (as the event log text does) as who actually unlocked it is unknown. Also, it would be nice to have "lastCodeName" say either "physical" or "keypad" or when the door is unlocked. If this change were implemented it would allow the status variable "lastCodeName" to be used in rules to determine who was the last person to unlock or lock the door and how. Currently it cannot, as if someone unlocks via key, the variable is not updated and shows outdated information. It may even help the issue described in the original post, as if the variable updates ever time the door is locked or unlocked, you could use a change in that variable as an event trigger, and it might make the rule needed by the original poster more reliable.

I would also like to see lockcode manager expose a device that works allow it to be manipulated programmatically. In particular I would like to be able to disable lock code from rules so that I can use a calendar to trigger this.

Lockshare could probably do that...

Looks interesting but in my case the lock codes are for weekly summer rentals so setting them up with an app wouldn't work I'm afraid.

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