FEATURE ENHANCEMENT: Add "User" button to 'Add New Device' page

Currently, in order to deploy a Device based on a "User" (custom) device driver, one must either:
(a) modify an existing device, change its driver, select from "User" category;
(b) know in advance that drivers are categorized Z-WAVE, ZIGBEE, VIRTUAL, etc. and that USER appears at the bottom of that list;

I nominate the following minor change to the Add New Device page, namely a "User" button (as shown in this mockup), that when clicked brings all of the "User" drivers to the top of the presented list (i.e. function like the existing buttons do).

If the driver is already loaded in hubitat under drivers code and has the device fingerprint, then when you do a manual z-wave/zigbee pairing it will automatically grab that driver. Now one hurdle is so many people alter devices (like tuya devices) so even though it's essentially the same device, it gets a different fingerprint. That fingerprint needs to be added to the driver code for automatic usage to work or you would still need to manually change the driver (this happenes to the built in drivers too)


To me, it seems like it would be more confusing for new or inexperienced users. Many (most?) new users aren't utilizing custom driver code. And more experienced users already know to just go right to Zigbee or Zwave and skip the detailed instructions that walk you through everything.


When I was starting out as a newbie earlier this year, I knew right away to click either Z-Wave or Zigbee to add a device.

My biggest confusion was the list of brands/models to choose a driver. I was under the impression (and avoided buying) any Z-Wave device that wasn't in the list. I later learned that there are generic drivers that work 100% (sans the optional configuration settings).

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