Fan Speeds based on Temp

I have a GE Fan switch and I'm trying to have it change speeds based on temperature of my CT101 Thermostat. I only want the speeds to change when the fan is physically on. Below is a snapshot of the rule. It doesn't seem to be working. I don't see any changes in the log.Could someone please look over it and help me get it right.

The first thing to ask is, what driver are you using for the GE Fan controller? Some of the drivers out there don't expose the fan capability but only the dimmer capability. Some require that you configure what level cutoff should be used for each of the fan speed settings. So, first thing to try is go to the edit device page and make sure that you can control the speed there.

You absolutely need to leave in the If fan is on. Otherwise, setting the fan to the speed will turn it on. Also, remember, that this rule will fire every time you get a temp reading change. So, if you manually set it from High to Low, the rule will fire again when the temp is updated forcing it back to high. So, you might want to build in an overide switch.

I would also make things a LOT easier for yourself. This is how I would set up the actions:

If  Fan is ON THEN
     If temp is <74 THEN
           Set speed to Low
     ELSE IF Temp is >76
          Set speed to High
          Set speed to medium.

I did exact thing with my fan by mode.. My rule behavior is solid. Just add the "and fan is on" to the bottom if/then conditions and add a trigger event of -> fan becomes changed

Pay no attention to the temperature ... It's frappin cold today! 52 degrees! BTW - this is only a reference. My stuff isn't always efficient/completely right.

Under Device Information, I'm using the GE Smart Fan Control. I assume this is the "driver"... Under commands, the "Set Speed" block (set to high) appears to have no impact on the actual speed, as you can see under Current Status (low).

However, under the "Cycle Speed" block, I can cycle through low, med, high and off and the fan changes speed. It also aligns the Current Status correctly. Is there anything you think I need to do with the driver?

Yes... that does make it look simple. I'll try to replicate through RM and use.

Thanks much for taking the time!

After picking high from the drop down, did you click on "Set Speed"?

I did not... Yes, that works! (Blind but yet I can see) THANKS!!!

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I'm just glad you got it working. That's the important thing. :smiley: