Fan Control settings

Here is available settings for the fan speed control:
It is 100% clear what first 6 will do.
But I am confused what "Auto" and "On" will do?
I assume "On" will resume whatever setting was before sending "Off" command.
Am I right?
But what "Auto" will do is not clear. What it is for?

This depends on the device and driver. What you've posted is the "default" set of speeds that many Hubitat apps will assume if the driver doesn't specify. There is a supportedFanSpeeds attribute that drivers should set (and that you'll see under "Current States"), which should contain valid values for that particular device. This is what apps should use to display their lists of options, but I'm not sure to what extent this has really caught on yet. Rule Machine recently started doing something similar for supported thermostat modes and thermostat fan speeds, as I think we discussed in another thread. Similar idea here, except, again, I don't know how widely used it is yet. You may still see the "default" options only in many places, possibly including Hubitat Dashboard, which it appears your screenshot is from.

But regardless, what any speed option actually does is up to the driver and device.

Thank you very much.
I got the idea.

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