Fan Control by Temperature

I'm looking for some help on creating a rule that will turn on/off a fan plugged into a z-wave socket using the temperature from a motion detector as a trigger. What I want is for it to come on at 78 degrees but not turn back off until it drops below 76 degrees. This keeps it from cycling on and off frequently. I did this in WebCore pretty easily for 3 fans all in the same piston on Smartthings but I can't figure out how to do this with Rule Machine without setting up one rule to turn it on and another to turn it off for each of the 3 fans because they won't all be set to the exact same temperatures for on/off. This results in my creating 6 separate rules. Is that what I have to do for this or is it possible to have this in one rule only or at least one rule per fan? Any help would be appreciated.

Well, depending on how often the motion sensor reports temp, you could do this with 2 trigger apps within rule machine. One for temp >78 and one for temp <76. That is probably the easiest i can think of.

Cobra, wrote an app for that.

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Thanks but that just confirms the same thing I said mostly. Toward the end of my question it says that each fan may not have the same temperatures for them. That would mean 6 rules, 2 for each fan. I just hate having so many rules to do this. Even one rule for each fan would be ok, but there just isn't a way to say >tempA on and <tempB off. I came over from SmartThings specifically because of the local processing and I'm glad I did so far. So I'm still learning Hubitat's strength's and limitations. It's too bad that I've read Webcore has problems on Hubitat because it would be perfect for this.

Just saw your response as I posted. I'll check it out. Thank you!

That's exactly what I needed!

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I have a wonderful bundle package of 10 Rules available: 2 Triggers, 7 Rules and a Triggered Rule.

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Yea, they're free, all of it. :smiley:

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Does what you want in reverse.

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I think I'm over 200 rules now :rofl:

I do realize that rules are free and I can make hundreds if I wanted to. I would have done that without another option as I don't really have the time myself to learn to write these apps at the present. Hopefully at some point I will. I try to follow the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) for whatever I do. It helps me and even more for anyone coming behind me to understand things faster and easier. I figured someone else may have already "been there done that" so I wouldn't need to reinvent the wheel so to speak or create multiple rules. I installed your app last night and it works perfectly for what I wanted so I thank you very much for taking the time to write it and your generosity in giving it away freely.

PS...I'll take your offer, but only if I can get 4 virtual devices for free with it! :smile:

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This is exactly what I need. I was trying to create an app in Rule Machine, but the trigger of "Temperature > 70" just won't fire. I went looking and found this page/app by Cobra.

Unfortunately, it seems that Cobra is no longer sharing his apps as his website is not accepting new users.

Is there another app that you would suggest to trigger a smart switch if the temperature is above a given level? Also, I want it to run for 5mins once triggered and then turn off unless motion is detected again.

Thanks all

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That is the one that isn't accepting new registrations.

Correct-a-mundo :slight_smile:

Here I thought I read (or skimmed) everything on this Community. I didn't realize. :frowning:

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Me neither until I tried to actually do a new registration. Not sure what is going on, hopefully Cobra can clarify things.

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Was able to get an account on the site, but this app does not appear to be posted anymore.

Which app are you looking for?

here are my two rules that basically do the same thing