Family member out of house “neighborhood” location

Wondering if it would be possible to have the neighborhood of a family member be shown when they aren’t home? Basically take their location, compare that with what neighborhood that location falls into on google maps and display that as their location on a dashboard. I think life360 allows for “names places” (we don’t use life360) and I don’t want to bother with that level of detail, but seeing a neighborhood like “Old Palo Alto” “Stanford” “Los Altos Hills” would strike the right balance of specificity and ambientness.

Assuming they have the app, and this is a guess
You could set their hub location in the app as their home, and creat a presance for them. It would only show them as home or away though

The Hubitat app's presence is purposefully restricted to present or not, that is all the information the app sends back to the hub via the cloud connection for privacy. Life 360 is the only service I'm aware of that will give you locations of where each device is, even then I think you'd have to use @bptworld app rather than the built-in Life360 integration to get that kind of detail: