False Start

I think I just made a false start. I wanted a tuneable white SmartBulb I could set so I wouldn't be jolted awake in the morning. The WIZ product had good numbers , but it installed as a WIZ Dimmer meaning that I could only set its level with HE, but not its color temperature. Any SmartBulbs out there that install as Bulbs?

This might be overkill, because they are RGB + "TW" tunable white.


They are Matter bulbs and you must use Alexa, Google Home or (best) Apple to add them to your home network, then you join them to Hubitat.

I have one of the two plugged in next to me that is Red when the Garage Door is open, yellow/orange when it is closing and Green when it's fully closed. 5 min later it goes to off. The other of the two is in my bedroom in a table lamp. Both have worked fine from October, when I bought them. They are my only two Matter devices, so far. :smiley:

Which Wiz product did you actually install? Can you post a link to the product? Also, go into the device page for the Wiz bulb, scroll down to device information, under "type" what is listed?


If you mean what driver was installed it was the default WIZ Dimmer. I tried other drivers, but they did not work. I've come to the conclusion that the WIZ Dimmer driver HE provides is inadequate for the job. It provides Level and Fade control, but no Color Temperture control. HE, are you listening?

If you would please answer the above question about what specific Wiz device you have, folks may be able to provide additional help.


Which drivers? And which specific Wiz device?

If you have the Wiz matter-compatible tunable white bulb, it should be used with the "Generic Matter CT Light" driver.

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Here it is

Bulb 100W A21 E26

Tunable white smart bulb
Up to 1600 lumens
Easy plug and play
Control with app or voice

EAN 046677604288
EOC 604280
Product title 14.5A21/Wi-Fi BLE Tunable/927-65 6/1PF

I don't know what protocal they use, it might be Smart WiFi. I installed it with the WIZ integration using all the defaults.

That is a Matter compatible bulb. And should be added to Hubitat as a Matter device. This is actually indicated in the Hubitat documentation under List of Compatible Devices.

For everyone else in this thread, this is the bulb purchased by @Bill15

From the Hubitat List of Compatible Devices: