False Positives with built-in apps (aka events triggering when they shouldn't)

I keep having events trigger for no apparent reason. These events all use the built-in apps to trigger some sort of 'if X do Y' event. It's happened with every built-in app. If I check event logs, it'll say something like "Button pressed on X switch" yet this never actually happened. In other cases, I'll configure an activity to occur between two times and yet for some strange reason the activity will activate itself at one of these times (rather than waiting for a TRUE event to trigger between the assigned times). The odd thing is, I've noticed these false positives occur more frequently when an activity is new. In other words, it seems like whenever I configure a new activity with a built-in app there's a buggy period for a while and then things eventually begin to settle and work as they should.

Anyone else encountering this sort of behavior?

...If not, perhaps I need to contact a priest to conduct an exorcism :rofl:

No, I have never witnessed this behavior. The only time I have seen things happen "other then when they normally would" is when working with an App and clicking DONE. For some apps/rules, this will cause an immediate evaluation of the conditions and thus cause an immediate action. In my opinion, this is the correct behavior to get the app sync'd with the current status of the devices.

It would be very helpful if you could share the details of one of these "False Positives with built-in apps" so that the community might be able to help explain what is going on. Posting screen shots of the App/Rule in question, along with the pertinent devices' event history, and Live Logging data would help us quite a bit to understand what is going on.

Note - if any of the devices used in these Apps are battery powered, it is always a good idea to install fresh batteries to see if the issue goes away. Some devices behave poorly when their batteries are running low.