False IFTTT mode triggers generated


I have set up IFTTT triggers based on the hubitat mode (day,night or away). The modes are set via virtual switches. I sometimes get the IFTTT triggers on mode changes when they have not happen. For example while in day mode, the night mode IFTTT trigger been generated. Hubitat still reports the mode to be day.

Any ideas what is causing the IFTTT to be triggered?

Kind regards

should post your triggers and the logs at the time, because you're asking people to guess what you are doing and what the results are :wink:

My apologies. I have updated the post with screenshot of log file and setup. I had assumed that the IFTTT trigger are only generated on mode changes but it seems it might be a general report of mode.

I actually meant the IFTTT logs. But this is still not even half of the automation you've described. Post it all.

This is just read the logs, figure out which thing is misfiring. If you post ALL of the logs someone might be inclined to help you debug it...