False Battery Alerts?

Hi Folks,

I keep getting false Battery Alerts from HSM. Different devices at random times. My level is set to 20, so I assume I shouldn't get an alert until its below that right? Here is the one I most recently got. Any suggestions? Have I set something wrong?

And another...

Are any of your batteries low? I recall HSM being a bit over protective, where any battery low would cause alerts, even on devices that weren't low. I switched to device watch dog. If you wanna check it out.

Thanks TechMedX. I got another one today for 87%, just doesn't make sense. I have Device Watchdog installed and may turn off the Battery portion of HSM.

If you do some searching you'll find it. I cannot recall exactly, but it needs to be "reset" somehow, or it will just keep sending them. Surprised no one else has chimed in about it.