False Alarms in Home Mode

Here is one for you guys. Finally stabilized HSM with Konnected io. I run three security modes: Away, Night and Home. Whenever I arm in Home mode, the perimeter is secured, but the interior sensors are turned off because of the dog. However, somewhere around 3:20 pm, the alarm/siren is triggered and I cannot find the source f the false alarm. Any troubleshooting tips you can share? Like where to start etc..

I would suggest using the logs option and then look at past logs.
It starts with showing All.
Action from the motion sensors may be filling it up.

If you're lucky, you will see the "open" or whatever causing it.
If you don't see right away, select each window, door, whatever, to see the individual history log for each sensor until you spot the one causing the alarm.
Watch for the time it was triggered.

I'm having intermittent alarms from a door-window series, I've disabled it for now as I think the wire into to the Konnected board is making poor contact and I need to fix it.
I'm in the logs a lot. Quite helpful.

One more way to identify the source.
Add a Text Alert. I use the Pushover service to send messages to my phone.
I use:
"Home Stay Intrusion on %device% %value% on %date% at %time%."
Works great, there was a one time setup fee.