False alarm bug (HSM + RM)

I have a rule in RM that triggers on "HSM alerts smoke" that sends a notification via pushover to my phone. This night I received this message at 01:26.

In the location events there was a HSM alarm at 01:26 but, that was from a custom rule that monitors my presence sensors. So it shouldn't have triggered the rule in RM.

I have had these rules installed for a long time without any issues. I recently updated my hub to the latest firmware. Can it be a bug in the new firmware?

I'm pretty sure I can't help you, but I'm sure others can, but they are going to want to see at least Rules and Logs.

Location events

The rule that triggered at 01:26

HSM for smoke that didn't trigger since no lights turned on and no notifications was sent via Hubitat app

HSM rule for presence sensors. This one triggred at 01:26

There is nothing in the events of the smoke detectors, and none of the detectors fired physically.


The same thing just happened again. Nothing in the logs.
At the time at the smoke alert push one motion detector lost presence. The sensor is not bound to my smoke detectors in any way. They aren't even in the same room. The motion detector a zigbee device and the smoke detectors are z-wave.

So the custom HSM presence rule triggers the RM rule that shouldn't trigger.

This is very infuriating! This isn't the only ■■■■ up from my Hubitat. My Lock unlocks at sunrise on random days. Still havn't been able to find what it causing that. Same non logical behavior..

What should I do?