Failure to boot

C-7 fails to boot. Soft reset has failed to restore proper operation.

First soft reset attempt successfully updated the platform to The hub then attempted to reset with the notice that the process should take no more than 2 minutes. That failed.

Several subsequent attempts advanced to the same point.

Soft reset attempts now end with the message, "Unknown Error Occurred."

Have power-cycled hub several times without success.
Have also tried to enable safe mode without success.

Hub previously had been working well for a few weeks. Zigbee stopped working today, but other functions operated normally. Attempted to restore Zigbee operation by rebooting the hub. This failed.

Hub suffered several similar incidents since first purchased. These may or may not have been caused by a custom application. Time-consuming multiple soft resets eventually managed to restore proper operation until now.

Any suggestions?
Thank you

Can you try power cycling it and then going to ?
Power cycle should unlock whatever may be locked on the file system, which may be the case here.

The page will say "corrupt database found", but that's hardcoded on the page, it doesn't actually check. More importantly, there's a way to do a soft reset from there, and it should take you straight to the restore page after a reboot.


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no luck. followed your suggestion. I initiated a soft reset from the page at http://myIPaddress/brokenDatabase. This returned the error message, "This site cannot be reached."

I then initiated another soft reset from the usual diagnostics page. The hub now appears to be in an infinite loop of software resets: loading drivers-->loading apps-->loading devices...."

Hmmm. The loop just terminated with, "This site can't be reached."

Does that behavior provide any clues?

Thank you

Does the light change on the hub? If yes, the hub may be losing power intermittently, it's worth trying a different USB power source and/or cable.

If not, let's rule out networking issues. Does the hub show up in the router's devices table? Is diagnostics tool on port 8081 consistently available while hub main UI is having issues?

The hub managed to recover spontaneously overnight. This morning it successfully updated to v2.3.3.134 and restored a backup from 10/13/22.

The LED was a solid blue yesterday. It is a solid green now.

The diagnostic tool on port 8081 has, with occasional exceptions, been consistently available while the hub's main UI is having issues. I shall verify presence in the router's devices table when the problem recurs.

Other posts explain that a blue LED indicates that the hub cannot find the required platform. The diagnostic tool at port 8081 has shown the loaded OS version. That would seem to be a contradiction.

All is well at the moment, but I would appreciate any guidance on how to avoid this recurring problem going forward.

Thank you

Can you PM me the hub id? I can go through the engineering logs on the hub, maybe there are some clues there.

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