Failed to arm on Away


I'm new to Hubitat, switching over from ST.
Setup HSM last night (using Konnected), and am arming it based on Away mode.
If I check the dashboard, I can see that my phone displays as Not Present, and the mode is Away, but HSM was Disarmed.
All my door/window contacts show as closed.
And I did not receive a text alert about an arming failure.
If I look at the logs, I see one error around the time I might have left the geofence:

dev:22019-07-09 09:00:06.247 am errorgroovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: statusList for class: (generateEvent)

But I can't say for sure that's related to it failing to arm.
Also, i was able to manually arm it successfully.
Looking for some tips on how I should go about troubleshooting?



Are you using Rule Machine or Mode Manager to change the HSM based on the presence device status?


I'm using Mode Manager to change to Away Mode based on my phones Presence. That appeared to work.

Set mode based on presence
Away: All of my iPhones leave

And i'm using HSM to arm based on Away Mode:

Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options
Arm-Away mode(s): Away
Arm-Night mode(s): Night
Disarm mode(s): Day, Evening
Arming Failure Alerts:
Notify my iPhone: 'Failed to arm: %device%' to ...


So my initial assumption was wrong, presence isn't working.
I arrived home and got an Intrusion alert, because my phone wasn't showing present.
So HSM was still armed, and the mode was still Away.
If i opened the iOS app, and manually sent a Geo event; then my phone started showing as present;
but that did not set the mode to Day which in turn would have set HSM to Disarmed.
If I manually set the mode to Day, then HSM did disarm itself.
So now I think HSM is working correctly, and will look into Mode Manager instead.


When I first got my hub (over a year ago) I tried Mode Manager and wasn't having much luck with it changing modes based on Sunrise/Sunset/Time I didn't have presence sensors on the system yet. However I've seen many others say they are using it since so I have no doubt it works. When I migrated everything from SmartThings I first added presence devices and removed Mode Manager then used Rule Machine to manage my modes which has worked great for me the only issue has been the few times one of our phones failed to update its location with either Life360 or the Hubitat app or both.


It worked for me leaving this morning: Presence leaving, Set Mode Away, Armed HSM
In Mode Manager, I added 'Use Time Settings for Return from Away Mode' (this wording is not intuitive to me), hadn't set Night mode, and also turned on logging.

I'm debugging Sunrise/Sunset triggers now ... it didn't appear to work for me in Simple Lighting; so switched it to Rule Machine.