Fade up dimmers

How do I get dimmers to fade up instead of going on instantly? I see a fade time in ML in the On section, but I dont think it makes it fade up, maybe that actually applies to when it gets turned off? I have a variety of dimmers and dimmable bulbs id like to apply this to, from GE zigbee and z-wave, zooz, Sylvania and Sengled. Is this something that needs to be set in the device driver per device type? or in the SL, ML or RM controlling it?

OK I see Sengled and Generic zigbee drivers have transition time which seems to do the job nicely. I notice it applies to on and off, so I wonder what actually happens if the device has a off transition time plus the ML also has a fade time set? Do you get one plus the other? or one superimposed over the other, so some odd non-linear combination based on the two timings.

It would be nice if "transition time" could be universal across all dimming devices, eg aeotec nano, generic z-wave and Groups.

I can see part of the reason why I thought the lights weren't fading up is that they are very non-linear in the low dim levels. They tend to go on suddenly to a low-ish brightness, then fade up from there. Is there any way to linearize these dimmers? or is it a function of the lamp?

Most of the existing transition times are in the device firmware so that a single command controls fade speeds. These are all based on power versus time and not illuminance (simpler to write code and control). Although technically feasible, it would take a lot of research and the result would require a lot of hub processing to gradually ramp-up/down the illuminance. Code would require a lot of steps (say 20 to go full range) and results would be inconsistent.

PS. Some of the devices have a minimum brightness of 5%. So starting at 1% would jump immediately to the 5%. It is in the design.

What device are you trying to control? What command are you using to change the level of that dimmer?

I am going to work this setting into the GE ZWave Dimmer driver when I get a chance. There is an option for it.

Ttwo examples of lights that jump on are Sylvania 72569, and GE 45857 driving a dimmable filament LED.

What driver are you using for them? When you try and turn the dimmer on are you using the setLevel command or the On command? On will be instant. But you can pass the fade time along with the level for the setLevel command.

The Sylvania uses Generic Zigbee CT bulb, and the GE uses GE Zigbee Dimmer.

They are controlled by MLs like this. So I assume that sends setLevel?


It looks like Motion Lighting doesn't allow you to enter the fade by time the same way that RM does. There would be a second parameter to enter that would be the fade time.

Also, the CT bulb does not allow you to set the Color Temp and the Dimming level and use a fade time all at the same time. The fade time is only available via the setLevel command, not the set CT command.

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