Fade to 0 or just Switch Off?

Like most users I have a bunch of dimmers from different manufacturers. They behave differently when it comes to dimming up or down.

When doing a 'Turn switches on or off' with the target being a dimmer device, I would expect that the fade/dim time would be ignored and the light will turn on or off instantly. Not the case- I have some dimmers (EVALOGIK) that always fade up with an ON cmd, but then turn off instantly with an OFF cmd. While other (Leviton) always fade up and down regardless.

Is this behavior due to the driver or is this something in the hardware of the dimming device itself? Not very consistent behavior and concerning because I have to write my rules based upon the maker of the dimming device.

Also, I have a question- When writing a rule for a dimmer there is a parameter called 'With this Fade (seconds)' that can be left blank. If left blank it still fades. Why is that?

It can be controlled by the driver but typically an on/off command would not specify a duration within the driver. There is a special value to send to the device that tells it to use its default duration.

If you leave the duration blank, again it is up to the driver, but typically it should use the default. If you want no fade you should set a duration of 0.

If you want the fade to be consistent you should use the dimmer commands and set the duration, then all devices should behave similar if the driver is handling the duration correctly.


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