Fade Over Time

Anyone know how to cancel fade over time for a dimmer? For example I have a rule that turns on lights when a bathroom door is closed and fades the lights up over a couple minutes. But I want the fade to cancel when the door is open, but it seems to keep fading even after the door is open. The door being open changes the condition of the rule to false, so I won't think this would cancel the fade.

Also I didn't see an option to set the starting fade level.

You might try adding "Cancel Actions of ** This Rule **" to your False actions.

For the starting fade level, can't you add a setLevel command alongside the fade?

This should work I will test it.

The only other issue was after the door is opened I do have 1 of the 3 lights dim to 10% and then goes off after 1 minute, but that light is also part of the fade. I do not see a way to add a "cancel action" under the dim options.

So basically the way I want it to work, is you walk in and the recessed lights turn on at 10% and then when the door is closed all 3 lights fade up over 5 minutes. When the door is opened 2 of the 3 lights would turn off, and the recessed light would dim to 10% and then go off after 1 minutes.

There is a Stop Actions option in the Rule section of actions. And one choice is **This Rule**. That will stop it. Put that in your false part.


That works thanks.

That's what I meant. I always forget it's Stop and not Cancel :man_facepalming:

Yeah was actually looking for cancel also, that is what confused me.

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Sorry if this is a basic question, but how do you fade up lights?

@raidflex would you care to share your bathroom lights RMs as id like to try something like this.

There's a toggle switch to pick between fade down (default) and fade up

So this is only in RM? What does the fade time setting do in Motion Lighting?

Many dimmers have ramp-up/down time options, typically a few seconds. These can be specified in the setLevel commands sent to these devices, and from apps that allow setting the level. The Rule Machine action being discussed above is a software mechanism that adjusts a level every 10 seconds over greater periods of time. This actually originated long ago for gradually raising the lights for an aquarium.

I'm trying to figure out how to stop a Fade Over Time in a simple rule (4.0) that fades my floor lamp up to 85% over 15 min. Most of the time, this is what I want to happen, but if I run my "Dinner Time" rule, I want the fade to stop and to set the floor lamp to 50% (in the Dinner Time rule). How do I go about this? I tried setting a Private Boolean for the Dinner Time rule with Stop Actions: This Rule, but that did not work.

I would just use two separate rules. The first is the one that includes your fade over time. The second, dinner time, stops the action of the first and sets the floor lamp to 50%.

But, I am a simple mind. There is probably a slick way to incorporate all of that together.

Thanks @bjcowles! I do have two separate rules, but I didn't think about adding the stop action on the second one. I just tested it and it works!

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where is the Stop Rule Actions in the actions list, i have a rule to fade over time when motion inactive, but when it becomes active i want it to stop the "fade over time".
But i cant find the action in the list

That was changed, and it looks as though there is a bug with the change making it not show up in the UI. I will investigate further...

Someone in another therd posted this

This is what you should get, but aren't:

This will be fixed in the next release.

Do we know when next release is, its been a while....

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So should it be....
Stop dimmer fade
Stop changing dimmer level