Fade off for bulbs

My sengled bulbs have the option to "fade in" but it does not seem to be working. I can use the set level option and that works fine, but when using on/off it is very abrupt.

Also, I cannot get the fade off option to work for motion lighting groups

Is there something I am missing here?

What driver are you using for the bulbs? Make sure you use the Sengled specific drivers or the fade in/out will not work correctly. It doesn't work with the Generic Zigbee drivers.

I'm using the Sengled drivers.

And what do you have the transition time set for? What command are you issuing to the bulb? Did you hit configure after changing the driver?

I haven't changed the driver, when I added them it detected them as "Sengled Element Color Plus"

I have the fade set for 5 seconds. When I push Setlevel in the device page it works as expected.
But if I turn it off via the dashboard it just shuts off with no fade.

I am not seeing the same behavior with my Sengled Element Color Plus bulbs using the Sengled driver. When I turn them off, they respect the fade time established in the driver. Do you have level or color prestaging turned on? Is this in RGB or CT mode?

RGB and I have neither turned on.

Yeah, I'm not seeing the same behavior with my bulbs. Sorry. I would try hitting configure again.

Just for curiosity''s sake do you have your bulbs in a group? or just individual?

I'm confused....I thought we were talking about the bulbs. Are you commanding a group to turn off? Do you have zigbee group messaging turned on in that group?

I was talking about commanding an individual bulb, since that is what you said was the problem.

No I am trying to command an individual bulb. I just also have them in a group and was wondering if that could be affecting them in some way.

I do have the group messaging turned on.

Not if you are commanding the individual bulb it shouldn't.

very odd. Thanks for the help thus far. It has to be something I've got mis-configured if the bulbs work correctly for you.

Did you try hitting configure again like I said? If so, then you can try factory resetting the bulb and rejoining to the hub. You won't have to fix any automations and it will rejoin "in-place" in the database. You can reset the Sengleds by power cycling 10 times (which a physical switch or power strip).

I'm at work right now but I will try that when I get home.

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