Fade Hue lights in/out over 10 seconds

Hi there

I'm really a newbe on Hubitat - but I'm a quick learner... :wink:

I was wondering if it is possible to fade a hue light in from 0% to 100% over 10 seconds (and being able to fade out the same way)...

I would be very happy if one of you more experienced nerds could help...


I haven't tested this, but calling setLevel(100,10) and setLevel(0,10) should work. You can do this manually from the device page: find the setLevel box/command, then type in the desired brightness (with Hue, 100 = max and 0 = off) and transition time as asked for, and click the setLevel button to actually send the command.

However, I'm guessing what you're really trying to do is use this in an app/automation, not doing it manually (but that should still be useful for showing how it works). In many stock apps, this action is exposed as something like "set dimmer to level" and "with this fade" (how long it takes), but exactly how will depend on what app you're using and whether that app supports this at all. Feel free to provide more information there if you need help figuring this part out.

Thanks - I'll try that. :blush: