Factory Reset Zooz Zen25 and re-include

Hi - I may have a defective Zooz Zen25 double plug and Zooz support is asking me to factory reset it and see if it fixes the problem.

I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to do it. If I exclude it from HE, I will have to edit all my references to the device and then exclude and reset. Then go back in and include the device again and redo the references? And it may not fix the problem (clicking and turning off/on randomly)

Am I better off just getting a replacement device and then doing the edits? I don't think I can use the Swap Devices App since this has child devices (though I don't use the child devices in anything).

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: It looks like I can't get a Zen25 double plug any more. So suggestions for a double plug (outlets should be able to be controlled together or individually)?

I would see what the others here say but this is what I would try. This method depends upon having a second hub or a Z-stick, and the primary hub being a C7 or C8.

  • Exclude the device using the second hub. Do not remove it from the primary hub that this device is on.
  • Unplug the device.
  • Use the Refresh button on the Z-wave until you get the Replace button. Don't remove, replace.
  • Replace the now excluded and reset device.

I am not sure that procedure will do everything needed, but at least you won't lose any devices or automations.

I suspect as many issues there are reported with this device, that it would be better to just move on to a different device.

Also, I understand there is a somewhat recent firmware update for this device, not sure if it will fix the issues you are having though.

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Unfortunately, my primary hub is a C-5 :frowning:. I do have a second hub but that is a C-5 too

Weren't the issues with a C-7? I've had 2 of these working for almost 3 years without issues.

Since swap apps does not work with child devices you are pretty much SOL on that device. Once you factory reset it you will need to pair it again which will create a new device.

You could setup multiple virtual devices as placeholders, manually move the apps to those. Then exclude so it removed the device and node, factory reset and then pair again. Then move all your apps back if the device is working.

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Yeah - I've done that dance before :wink:. I even have a "Dummy Zooz plug" already set up but I can't remember when or why I had to did it!

GE/Jasco... That said the zen-25 is a problematic device...

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That's the zigbee one right? Coincidentally, the Zooz device hasn't been doing the weird thing since yesterday, so I guess I will watch it for a while and see what happens :man_shrugging:t2:

It's z-wave (there may be a zigbee version). Like I said though there are issues with the zen-25. If you haven't already, pair without s0 (no security at all) and use @jtp10181 's driver.

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Out of production for about 2 years.

Still produced, but out of stock - at least on byjasco.com



If you can find it, there's also this two-channel z-wave plug from EVA Logik. Works with the C-5 (and newer hubs).


On a C-5, so no option to pair with security or not as far as I remember

I'm seeing something from Evalogik on Amazon but it looks like only 1 outlet is controllable (the other is "always on")


I think I replied to you on FB yesterday as well. The zen25 was causing issues on my C 7so I removed two of them over a year ago. Iā€™m willing to sell them for $20usd each plus shipping if you would like one or two of them.

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There are multiple versions of that EvaLogik device. The one you want is the ZW37.

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Hmm -didn't see that...

Given all the issues with this device (I will eventually get off the C-5!), I think I'm going to hold off. If my current one dies, I will likely replace with a single outlet and splitter (since both connected lamps are always on/off together). Thanks for the offer.


All I saw were ZW39s :frowning:

Absolutely understood.
Honestly it could have been a different guy with the same issue on FB. Lol.


On the c5 it's not an issue. Sorry if I missed that in the OP... It's an issue for c7/c8's

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Well - I found Jasco 2 outlet on Amazon but only 1 is controllable and the other is "always on". Decided to get the Zigbee Enbrighten ones (can't control individually but I think I can live with that). Tried to see if there were any red flags about these but did not find anything so :crossed_fingers:t3:

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All receptacles regardless of brand are that way. I've only ever seen wallwarts that both are controllable.