Factory Reset Smartblinds and now they cannot connect

I have 8 Yoolax Smartblinds that were connected to my Hubitat. One blind stopped being recognized, so I did a factory reset on it. When I try to add the blind back in the Hubitat dashboard with Zibgee, it cannot be found. Any suggestions?

If I understand literally what you said, I think you left out the step where you have to add the device again.

Home->Devices->Add Device-> then you can either add by brand (Yoolax) or just choose Zigbee to put the hub in pairing mode. You won't be able to add your blind to a dashboard until you re-add it to Hubitat. If you didn't remove the blind and only performed a factory reset, Hubitat will likely see that you are re-adding an already added device and you'll be back in business quickly. If you did a proper removal then you'll have to set it up in your Apps/Dashboards again.

With zigbee, you don't have to delete the device in Hubitat. Just reset the device and add it back with discovery. This way you don't have to start all over again with rules and dashboard.

No, adding the device is the issue. Hubitat cannot find the device to add it.

Updated: I did take the blinds down and move them closer to the hub and was able to add them as a device. As soon as I put them back up though they became unresponsive. I'll have to find a new position for my hub I guess. The odd thing is that these blinds are not that far away, and there are several other blinds that are rooms and walls beyond this one. I'm not sure why this one is struggling so much with the distance.

A repeater might be all you need. "Mains Powered" such as

Plug in one of these near the blinds to repeat the signal and improve your Zigbee mesh.