Factory Reset of C8

Is there any info retained in the back end online that would make it better if I deregistered my hub to complete a full reset? I saw something mentioned that someone had the change some sort of power setting to fix an issue. I've had nothing changed, but don't know if I should do this to be as clean as possible.

I just starting over fresh after learning more about the product.

I have a C8.

Nothing from your hub is stored online except registration information (if you register) and cloud backups (if you have Hub Protect or created a cloud migration backup from an older model to upgrade to the C-8). Other service, like Dashboard or other app cloud links or Remote Admin (if you have it), are just relays into your hub via Hubitat's servers.

In other words, if a soft reset of your hub and radio resets don't fix whatever you're looking to address, nothing else would, either. You wouldn't even have to de-register, though you certainly could if you wanted. If you haven't seen this document, it describes the equivalent of a "full" reset too: Soft Reset | Hubitat Documentation

More context would be helpful, but as a wild guess, it sounds like this is Zigbee radio power, which you can see and change on the Zigbee Details page: Zigbee Details | Hubitat Documentation. This is only available on model C-8 (power is fixed on older hub models). If you do want to change this, you can do that without resetting your hub or the Zigbee radio -- or anything else.



I went through a learning curve moving over from HS4. I had some ghost that wouldn't delete...even after the soft reset approach. I spent the last couple days removing and factory restoring 100+ devices. That'd be easy if they were all the same and just light switches, but as tech improves you keep buying different things that all have different include/exclude/resset sequences. (sigh)

I will be following all guides starting from scratch again...and just want everything as clean as possible...thanks for the verification.

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I try to remember to keep a digital copy of the instructions for each device but I don't always do it. It's such a pain when you have to pair or reset. What makes it worse is some of the manufacturers have different procedures for different revision levels. I find the SmartThings motion sensors and contact sensors were one of the worst, probably because there were so many different revisions (and OEMs) for each. OK, I'll stop whining now. Just wanted to commiserate with you.


Exactly, I built a Word doc for every device I have this time around, and even though I'm not using it...all the DSK's in a spreadsheet. :slight_smile: