Factory default zooz before pairing

hello all,

to all active members here, thank you so much for all your help.
I feel that I know enough now to start sharing knowledge and help out others. help out those that are like I was 4-5 months ago.

I personally went with zooz product. only reason was their 5 buttons keypads. love it. can have up to 5 different actions per button (press once, press twice... press 5 times) and they have multiple colors that can be set (white, red, green, blue) so I took their dimmers to. I like to stick with the same manufacturer as much as possible.

active members will remember many of my post about different issues I have been facing.

after doing about 3 homes with hubitat and zooz, I realized that zooz product may not come factory default. some were obvious settings (like the little led on the dimmer that is on when switch is off by default were set the opposite out of the box) and some that were much harder to spot.
and finally weak signal. yes, sounds really odd.. I powered off my hub 2 minutes and one switch had that signal:

I didn't understand why as this switch is in the same 2 gang electrial box, 1/4 of an inch next to it, and it has that signal:

and then I removed the dimmer from everything (scenes and stuff), excluded the dimmer, factory reset the dimmer, re-pair and add back to scenes and now here is it's signal

so all that to say:
newbies (me, 5 months ago) save yourself some problems, before pairing a zooz product, factory default them.

I've found this to be true from many manufacturers. I've gotten into the habit when adding a new device to do a factory reset and/or an Exclude before pairing.

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