Facebook group name

Seems that someone else stated up a Facebook group with the same name as the official Facebook group. Both are called Hubitat Users Group. Reading posts in other Home Automation groups, it's seems to be confusing people. Maybe should change the name to something like 'Hubitat Users Group - Official' or 'Hubitat User Group (Official)'. Something to make the 'real' group stand out.


Hubitat - Official (EDIT: also not official)

Hubitat - Unoffical

The one mentioned here as Official should be labeled as Original. Hubitat does not have an official users group on FB. Their official users group is here using the community forums.

I created the original Hubitat Users Group (H.U.G.) back in Feb 2018 after receiving my Hubitat Hub and joining the community here. I searched for a Hubitat FB users group and one did not exist so I created one. A few months later several people began to join and I learned that "Bob" of the SmartThings Users Group had created a new group by the same name and advertised it in the STUG group which he owned at the time. His group was not showing up in searches and many users joined the one I created. Now I see both the original HUG and Bob's group listed in FB searches.

The original group does have some HE staff in the group and 1 moderating and I invite other HE staff to join and moderate as well if desired but I don't think "official" is the correct term as it's a users group and not necessarily Hubitat sponsored at this point. I hope this clears up any confusion.


Thanks for the update. When I saw that Patrick was a moderator, I just assumed it was an 'official' group. Sums up my point exactly though ... Two groups with the same name is confusing. :sunglasses: