Fabriq Speakers

How are these speakers? I want to harness DLNA for TTS.

I currently have an echo dot and using virtual contact sensors to do TTS.

I would rather much get true TTS.

I have used echo speaks in the past but I’d like to avoid this.

Do these speakers respond to voice commands or do they require button presses to kick off Alexa?

I'm not sure what you mean by true TTS but the Fabriq is going to be a lot like a echo. DLNA has nothing to do with TTS and only the terminally bored would attempt to get DLNA working on HE. (and it still wouldn't do TTS any better than Sonos or an Echo).

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From what I’ve read, they make a poor replacement for echo speakers, in general.

What are you looking to do with TTS that you’re not able to do now?

Yeah, there was a problem with them

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I’ve installed echo speaks and it seems to have gotten a lot better since last year!

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