Ezlo Acquires Centralite


I hope to see the return of Centralite's Zigbee products to the retail marketplace. I find Centralite products to be some of the most reliable devices I have used.


Yay! I'm pretty happy about this too. I thought Centralite was a huge loss for the community.

Hope to see these products return to market! I found both them and the white-labeled products they made first other companies to be some of the best, as many have already stated here and elsewhere.

I also didn't know the same company bought MiOS/Vera. Maybe this will actually improve their Zigbee support...

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Now that Ezlo bought them it appears they are back up and selling again. https://store.centralite.com/collections/all?page=1

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I wonder if anyone has tried the 3310-C temp/humidity sensor. Not as cheap as the Xiaomi, but likely standard compliant.

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I stopped working on this product line when they tanked, but I have one and it works, it's covered under the SmartThings Humidity Sensor, it's the same device, st model is 3310-S


I have 2 of them, one ST branded and they work great. Look just like the moisture sensor and there is a stock driver too.


Not quite--I got hopeful when I saw their store online the other day (wasn't sure if had been up the whole time), but here's what happens when you try to check out:

Well if that isn't kinda typical..... This "Ezlo" company is sounding more and more shady, if you follow the Vera forums this appears typical. They are constantly promoting without fulfilling the promises.

Yeah, I saw this at the bottom of the page last month and decided to wait.

It appears that Home Automation companies have a natural affinity for selling Home Automation products.
Ezlo now sells the old Vera products, Fortrezz, and Centralite.
HomeSeer sells switches.
Fibaro sells sensors, etc.
SmartThings sells sensors, etc.

It's somewhat obvious, isn't it?

Ya and if you go to the Vera site you can't even buy from their anymore either.

Don't forget that Melih (the owner) is a multi-millionaire who needed a "loss leader" for tax purposes.

For a year, I thought that they were just about to turn a corner, and it just never happened.

Oh well. I'll just keep my eyes open for other temperature and humidity sensors. For now the Xiaomi are working fine, I expect the next one's I'll be able to try will be the zigbee 3.0 version. Hopefully they're a little more standard compliant.

Yep it's a shame, people are still posting asking for the same updates to the same problems that were happening when I left in March.

Their forum (and it's typical on a daily basis now) only has 2 posts that are newer than 5 hours ago.....it's truly sad what they did to a good product.