External siren?

Hi all.
Does anyone know of a good external siren, you can get to work with Hubitat?
That you can buy over here?


I bought an Ikea Sonos. The beaty is that youcan make all kind of sirens.
We even have a virtuel dog

Do you really want to scare an intruder?

Sydien 1Pc Red AC 110V 114dB Industrial Motor Alarm Bell Horn Sound Buzzer Siren https://a.co/d/95g557P

Buy a wall plug and wire it together, then get a zigbee or zwave plug. This thing would be loud!!! While your at it, use rule machine to also trigger some color led bulbs to flash red. Look on Amazon theres a million sirens or strobe sirens.

after something like Smart Outdoor Solar Siren Home Security Alarm System WiFi Outdoor Solar Alarm | eBay

im tempted to buy one. wonder if it will use the drivers that are used for the indoor ones?