External hub status monitoring

Are there any tools for external notifications for a stuck hub? In the last two days I’ve had my hub lock up twice needing a full power cycle to resolve. While that’s disconcerting in its own right, it highlights my question. I have only discovered the issue when I noticed automations failing which hurts WAF if she also notices. Is there any way to ping the hub for a pulse and if none send a message of some sort?

Here's one option that's been posted before:

Oh boy that one seems complicated.

Too bad nothing can be done through API calls here:


In the UI the list of hubs and their versions show (would need to know latest version to compare against as well for version notifications). Not sure if they would simply not show if stuck or offline.

Ah well, the future is bright. :slight_smile:

I have a small amount of home automation compared to the others on this forum. I've yet to run into any performance issues so far. But in preparation I went ahead and bought another spare hub (while on sale) that I can use for either a backup if my main hub fails or can be added in to try load balancing the workload.

Try on a regular basis to reboot the hub.
If you have zwave, turn off the radio for some time.
If you have zigbee, turn off the radio for 20 minutes.
After that, run a zwave repair.
Do it all, on Sunday at 3am (or any other time that you want).
Schedule it, and run it via RM.