Hi all

Anybody got a recommendation for a Zwave extender? Looking need one which can get to the gate, the hubitat if I put it in a bedroom can do this but that isn't a suitable location for it, so figured one of the plug ones might work

Aeotec only has 1 review but was negative so wanted to see any recommendations or if these even work?

The dedicated extenders are not really worth the money.
They just repeat! (Often without z-wave plus)

The best thing you can do now is buy a z-wave outlet, then you have the repeater but the chance to use it as a controllable outlet too.

Almost any mains a/c powered device will also repeat.
Although some better than others.

Unable to offer make/model etc. as you don’t say where you are in the world :slight_smile:


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As Cobra said, not sure where you are in the world.

But I added this as I had issues getting my signal from my zwave pool thermometer to the hub. It's outdoor rated (I believe you wanted something for outdoor) and it also has controllable plugs so I added my lights to it to control outdoors. I think the developer of the drivers is a forum member too. It works.


Hi Both

I’m in the UK. It doesn’t need to be an outside device, just connect to one.

Where id need to put it I don’t think ill have any need to plug in a device so not sure that’s needed but otherwise a good idea.