Extended geofence app?

Can anyone recommend working geofence apps that would allow triggers based on location far outside the hubitat radius?

For example I like having hubitat go to AWAY mode (lock, light, sensors, etc) when we all leave the house

But I also have a rule that I'd like to trigger only when we are all 2 hours or 100 miles away. This is to set thermostat to eco Mode.

I've searched but it seems the 2 most mentioned apps Locative and Geofency are no longer available, at least on Android. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks

I use a combination of Hubitat app and Geofency for departure, and combine this to a couple of integrations that detect that my devices are on the network.

I hear a lot of people use Life360. The free tier can be used for this purpose from what I understand.


I have similar desires for very large, and arbitrarily located, fences. I travel cross-country, sometimes internationally, a fair bit ... would love to have my house go into away mode when I'm 50 miles out (or at the airport), and notify loved-ones that i've departed my home town. Then also notify them when I arrive in some other town that is my destination.

Webcore used to seem like it would do this, but I always struggled to get it to work reliably, iirc I experienced a lot of confusion about getting the iphone device configured. Perhaps it's different now?

I think at one point I also attempted to implement OwnCloud, or NextCloud, it also was highly convoluted and didn't work well.

I do wish the native apps of any/all platforms would just let you do whatever the heck you wanted. Not sure what the obstacle is, perhaps too costly of cpu to track/compute? idk, I've never seen an explanation of why pretty much every geofence implementation ever is so ultra-limited.

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