Export Virtual devices

I have a couple of hubs, one is my main hub and a second is a test/dev hub...
I usually do testing on the test/dev hub and then when it seems everything is good move it over to my main hub.
I recently created about 30-40 virtual devices on my test hub.. for purpose of creating "rule-blockers".. meaning if that virtual switch is off, then the predicate becomes false and the rules dont use up any resources.. and I can use voice to "pause" the rules that I dont want running... on demand, rather than having to open the web browser and pause the rule...

that brings me to the migration.. I wanted to move (export from test and import into prod) ... all these 30 odd virtual switches.. and once done.. export the rules from the dev with predicates of those virtual switches.. into the main hub... exporting and re-importing the rules is good.. but not so for the virtual devices.. and I dont want to recreate all those 30-40 virtual devices again on my main hub !...
is there a way to EXPORT the virtual devices in order to move them to the main hub ?

any help would be appreciated.

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